MCCC and today's Sims 4 Update

The only thing we've noticed so far that was broken by today's Sims 4 update is that EA changed something in their translation process that was ignoring strings defined by mods under certain circumstances.  So, both the mc_cmd_center.package and the mc_woohoo.package files have been updated to make them work with the update today.  That will fix the issue we were having with blank buttons everywhere.

Attached to this post is a zip file containing the mc_cmd_center.package and another with the mc_woohoo.package files.  One or both, as needed, can be downloaded and you just replace the existing package files from 6.2.0 with this version and it will fix the issue.

Alternatively, both the Patreon post for 6.2.0 and the Mediafire links for 6.2.0 have been updated to have the new versions of the package files included within them, so those could be downloaded if so desired.

Once people can start clicking buttons and actually using the mod, we'll see if anyone finds any other issues.  

As is usually the case after updates, if you get a Last Exception error, it is pretty much always caused by other mods/cc that are out of date.  You can go to our Discord server for support with those as well as log file errors in general.


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