MCM London andThought Bubble 2016!
Hello there! Sorry for the radio scilence but the last few weeks have been really MENTAL.

I attended both MCM London and Thought Bubble on consecutive weekends and HAD A BLAST. Thought Bubble was especially fun and I met a bunch of awesome artists and got to meet up with friends who I only ever see on the con circuit.

I was there promoting The Shattered and selling copies of The Waterbringer aswell as a colelction of con exclusive prints (which you can see in this lovely photo of me and my table) It was good to have some face to face with people who read my book, I had a few people return from last year to see if I had new stuff and a couple of nice people who came straight back after reading The Waterbringer to let me know they liked it!

Now Im back home I can crack on with more Shattered pages (no pun intended) I recently updated the webcomic on my website and on Tapastic if that's your jam bringin the page count now up to 17!

Dont forget you can check out the new story at 

Thakns for reading and supporting :)

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