My name is D. Creasy.  I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

I served in the Marines from 2003-2007.
I retired. I was diagnosed with MS in 2008.
I attended Johns Hopkins for Cyber Security / Analyst.
I get Gov. Service benefits of $504 per month.
I get Disability SSI benefits of $320 per month.
I have a 11 year old son names Isaac, he lives with his mother.  I have a good relationship with him, and his mother (my ex)
I get $210 drafted from my bank account every month for child support.
On top of that, I also buy him things he needs when I have any money.
My medication is mostly free, except for my Avonex. It costs me $150 per month for my injections.

As you can see, I can hardly live off of  about $500 per month.

In 2012 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer which had spread into my lymph nodes.  I had 2 surgeries and then chemotherapy for 4 months.  Right now,  I have had follow up CT scans that have come back clean so for.

I'm in a wheelchair about 75% of the time.  I have trouble with balance, pain, and weakness coming from my MS.  Sometimes I can hardly get out of my bed to use the restroom during the night.

My fiance left, because she could no longer deal with my health problems.

I'm unable to work, and currently looking for work I can do from home.

I had to move in with my 81 and 79 year old grandparents.
They help support me, but my grandfather recently had a major surgery (heart related), and they do not expect him to live much longer.  

I'm on here in hopes some people may help me every month.  I pray to God that one day things will get better for me.  I'm asking for help until I can get back on my feet.

I'm a conservative.  I support President Trump.

I also consider myself "alt-right" and I love /pol/

I believe in God, he is my creator.   I know he has plans for me, and everything I'm going through is for a reason. 

I see all these people with patreons making over $1000 per video. Although I do not produce videos, I do comment alot and share my beliefs.

I spread memes across the land.  Praise Kek!  Pepe is alive and well!

Any help is appreciated, and one day I will pay back everything.  I will not be able to pay back people that choose to help me personally.  But I will spread the love I recieve to people in my life and people I encounter in the world.  Except SJWs, and Commies.