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Me Love

And still I remain in the old dream,

though I wonder if it’s a riddle,

a water line, not low, not high —

but actually an arrow pointing

around to negative zero

where everything is another thing.

Too many fantasies of lovers

housed in the wrong buildings,

buildings where the rust bleeds through;

but ruins you can’t burn down.

Mixing fantasy A with lover B,

leading to friend C in resolution.

Ruins on which I build an addition,

add the cracked wall to it’s subtraction.

Foundations that are islands

encroached by distant laughs

drifting ashore to the chimney,

a hearth of stubborn almosts.

I end up an island returned

floating between each lover

with my ass in the middle,

and face down in the old dreams

of all the other lovers,

and all dreams not of love.

I slide between sex and ambition,

becoming a star, making it big.

I sense the audience fantasizing

my image when I was younger,

just as I fantasize you

in our almost given permissions

as I come to, in my cast iron tub,

awakened by the self-portraits

that people my dreams in disguise.

The water has gone cold now,

and that clock also has meaning.

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