Me, Myself and Work
My name is Jessy and I currently own the site titled

I help you learn and find what kratom is and does. I get a small percent of commission if you use my discount code on the site.

A lot of people have asked if they could help me somehow by giving back to the information they have learned.

Although I never truly believed in "begging" for money, I realized this is no such thing.

When people enjoy, learn, or even change their lives with your help, sometimes they feel like they need to tip something, this is the way.

I am not your waitress, so don't think you NEED to tip me. My current job consists of delivering medical supplies to clients in need.

Sometimes they tip me, sometimes they don't. I am always grateful for anything that comes my way, but I am simply doing my job in this world and do not expect anything.

Thanks for reading this short post, I will be at if you need more information