Here is my list of ideas to work on. I need your help with what I should concentrate on. 

 OSR Paper Minis for DCC 0-level occupations. (Similar to the Paranoia ones I did for Inktober 2016)

DCC Character Classes for the SCC Project  (Shadowcrawl Classics)
DCC Weapon Variants

DCC Magic Item activation tables (what better way to make each item unique)

DCC Monk and Style Deeds (Mighty Deed tables to bring various martial art styles to life.)

DCC Weapon Styles (Tables for Weapon styles, such as Florentine, or the Roman retiarius.)

DCC AD&D Style rules (race and class versus race as class), Level limits,

DCC Earthdawn Conversions (Kaer Crawl Classics)

Malifaux  Guild Ball Fan conversions. (I love Guild ball, and I love Malifaux, I  would explore converting various Malifaux factions into Guild ball  teams, such as Collette's Performer's Guild team, or Collodi's  Marionette team)

Savage Rifts conversions

Old School maps in the Dyson Style

DCC  Pantheons (I explore various Mythologies and create a pantheon of gods  and patrons for those religions. First would be Welsh)

DCC Super Dungeon. Creating a mega dungeon for DCC...I create ecologies for dungeons, wars between monsters 

Mythological  Heroes (One of my favorite articles in the old Dragon days was the  article on the American Tall Tales, Paul Bunyon and John Henry being two  of my favorites, so I will do the same for DCC and/or Savage Rifts.)