The Meaning of Cake

New video! New video!

Hello good humans,

I could not help but try this bundt cake scutoid experiment based on figure 1 c in the original scutoid paper: 

Of course, this had to be in a video, and I tried to make things easy on myself by mostly copying the format of the previous video in the series. But I wanted to have a bit more of a conclusion about why to care about any of this, and of course I need to always be trying new things, and so the dogget steals the show! The ending pleases me greatly.

It also reflects the evolution of my own attitude on scutoids. When I first heard about them, I thought it was fun but didn't think they were that unexpected. But after learning more about cells and what people know about cell arrangements and how cells communicate and form structures, I better appreciate the value in having a name, and understanding, of different kinds of cell shapes. Plus now I can visualize it as a network topology problem!

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. Say hello to your cells for me, I appreciate the real cool math bits they are doing to make the being that is You :D


P.S. Yeah, so that egg was in there for over two months. Everything turned out fine.

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