Mech Modeler: Chris Kuhn
You can't really do a hard science-fiction series like Lunatics! without a lot of space hardware, and creating that is a challenge for an expert mech modeler.

We were extremely lucky to find Chris Kuhn in 2013 via his BlendSwap models, and his models have been a core element in our production design ever since. In addition to the models, of course, he has also provided extensive "constraints-based" rigging to control them, as many of these models have moving parts.

Kuhn has been a Blender enthusiast since 2009, and a self-described "sci-fi nerd" since the age of six.  He specializes in high-poly mechanical models and constraints-based rigging.  He is the author of multiple Blender books, as well as a co-author of the science-fiction novel Status Quo: The Chronicle of Jane Doe (with James Clayton). You can also find his models on his Facebook Artist page.

Kuhn also has an electronics background (with a specialty in RF systems).   He enjoys traveling, working on cars, and building semi-functional  gadgets with spare parts.  He was drawn to the Lunatics! project by both the story and characters – the idea of exceptional people going to space seemed a tad more realistic than what you typically find at the movies.

In addition to his BlendSwap site, Kuhn also sells commercial 3D models through his TurboSquid "Kuhn Industries" site.

Chris knows the Blender constraints system better than anyone I know of! And his rigs really make the animating easy for us!