Mechanical Focus and Framing
Hey all! This month's short is up, and it's me poking and prodding at some of the feedback I got from the Destiny video. What separates Farmville from Animal Crossing and Destiny? Why are skinner box mechanics in Skyrim cool, but sort of derided in Diablo? I'm not sure there are any concrete answers to those questions, but I've got my ideas. I'm not super keen on revisiting this particular well so soon after the last video. But, as previously mentioned, my video card died while making the last episode and sort of threw off my plans. I found myself with an excess of Destiny footage and an inability to capture much else. Since I'm already behind by a short I decided I'd rather get a new short out sooner with the footage I had than go another month without one. The good news is: replacement parts are en route and we'll have everything back up and running this week. Given that February has now effectively become "Destiny Month" I'm hoping to make up for it by focusing on some smaller titles with the shorts next month. Stay tuned!