The Media Industry Is Complicit, and Good Journalists Pay the Price
This week on Gaslit Nation we discuss the media: the systemic failures of an economically and morally bankrupt industry dominated by rich white men, and the bravery and creativity of journalists who struggle not only within this system, but with a much more severe threat –an international alliance of kleptocrats who murder journalists with impunity. We continue our conversation about the assassination of slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi and reflect on other unpunished recent killings like the attempted Skripal poisoning in the UK. Why does the West do nothing when autocrats murder writers and dissidents so brazenly? Why isn’t the West hitting autocrats where it hurts them most – in their bank accounts?

There was a big surprise for America in the New York Times recently – it turns out Trump leeched off his father and helped him dodge taxes! Just kidding, New York Times, we’ve known that for three decades. (Thanks Wayne Barrett!) We talk about Trump and Jared’s tax dodging and the impunity of white collar crime, as well as the reluctance of certain outlets to cover it until Trump’s autocracy was further consolidated. 

From there we get in a long and rather heated discussion about media failure, the lack of diversity in hiring, and how that contributed to outlets missing or dismissing the biggest stories of the Trump administration – not just stories about white supremacist violence and the targeting of migrants, but the Trump/Russia case itself, which was covered heavily first by black journalists before other journalists took it seriously. Finally, Andrea interviews  Melissa Walker and Alyssa Cass about Future Now, an organization working to turn state governments blue, in an inspiring conversation with practical steps on how to build a more progressive union in the midterms and beyond.

Listen up and remember to GET OUT AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6! This is the most important election of your life, and the greatest bulwark against voter suppression and other malfeasance is overwhelming turnout! Vote vote vote!

An Important Reminder from Gaslit Nation

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Crush the Midterms Challenge. We asked you to create a plan on CrushTheMidterms.org, tweet your plan to @gaslitnation, and from those that we received we chose a winner  –  @PattonPray  –  who will be sent a signed copy of Sarah’s New York Times bestselling book, The View from Flyover Country: Dispatches from the Forgotten America.  If you participated and didn’t win yet, the contest continues, a new winner announced every week, through election day, November 6th. So send us your Crush the Midterms plan if you haven’t already. We’re also introducing a new contest, the 1,000 Doors Challenge. Join Andrea in a moonshot goal of knocking on 1,000 doors between now and election day. 

It’s a big goal, but striving for it could help make a difference in the most important midterms in our nation’s history. Tweet a photo of yourself canvassing to @gaslitnation and the winner, chosen on November 6th, will get a signed copy of Sarah’s book and an invitation to come on our show as a special guest. A group of Harvard students created a great YouTube series called Resistance School, and their basic explainer video of how to knock on doors to get out the vote shows just how easy and fun this effective outreach strategy can be!

Show Notes: 

Writer and activist İyad el-Baghdadi’s powerful twitter thread read by Sarah

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David Simon, Former Journalist and Creator of The Wire, Testifies to Congress About the Fall of Journalism 

Newsroom employment dropped nearly a quarter in less than 10 years, with greatest decline at newspapers

The Modern Newsroom Is Stuck Behind The Gender And Color Line

Diversity Leads to Better Decisions 

Diverse teams are still *really* good for business, McKinsey says

The CEO of Salesforce Found Out His Female Employees Were Paid Less Than Men. His Response Is a Priceless Leadership Lesson

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Russia jails Estonian intelligence officer Tallinn says was abducted over border

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