Medical Frustrations
So a short update on things. No answers yet, although the neurologist says I have no carpal tunnel, conductance issues, or muscle problems. I suppose this is good news but my hands continue to degrade. I find it very hard to type accurately or for any length of time. I'm basically confined to a controller for  most of my computer access. At least when I'm not attempting to force my hands to work.

The current theory seems to be that I have some sort of tendon problem. However this requires seeing a different specialist and boy do they ever take forever to see. It took a month to get an appointment with the neurologist and he still hasn't  sent me back to my original doctor so I can start the process of seeing another specialist. Really makes you more sensitive to issues regarding healthcare to be part of the system.

Sadly this also means I've made pretty much zero progress on the game. This is extremely disheartening to me after all the support I was shown before this  hit me. I suppose there is no point dwelling on that though. I hope my next specialist can find and treat this quickly, although I imagine there will be some recovery time.

I'll keep posting and pushing on,

Thank you