Medieval Times rename, Testing Phase, Next Handbook
Hey, everyone. A decent amount of news for everyone.

First off, Medieval Times has been renamed to Medieval Europe, as I prepare to move forward with a new plan of attack on how these books are handled. Now that these splatbooks are no longer just splatbooks, but entire new Handbooks with new rules for combat, armor, hunting, and a new layout. 

To go alongside Medieval Europe, the next book will be Middle Ages Asia. Both books will run on the same 100DOS system and be within the same timeline. This means that both books are 100% interchangeable, as they are usable with each other. Any and all equipment, armor, and weapons in one book may be brought over to the other. This is the general plan for all 100DOS books.

So, now you know the next handbook and the design changes, now on to the next bit of news.

Medieval Europe has hit its first testing phase. We'll be testing out the new rules and having people look over the armor and weapons, giving their opinions and ideas. If you'd like to participate in the testing phases of these books, come join us in our Discord.