Medusa and Korra!
On Sunday we had the first ever Modest Medusa live draw. It lasted about 2 hours, and you can see the art that came out of it below. The live draw is a new monthly thing that’s made possible by your Patreon contributions. I can afford to take a few hours off every now and than to just hang out and draw and chat with you guy, thanks to you guys! You can watch the whole thing here: The session ended up being divided between a few videos, and there’s no sound (all you’re missing is my music though), but those are problems I’ll fix for the next one. Here’s the Medusa/Legend of Korra fan art I was working on during the session. It’s not quite finished yet. I still need to add some highlights and change the background. I’m a HUGE Korra fan, and KorrAsami is probably my OTP. If comic Jake ever dies I’m hoping Korra and Asami will adopt Medusa! I promised that I'd upload the .PSD file for this illustratyion so taht those of you who are interested can take a closer look at it. I'll do that once it's finished! Thanks again everyone for all of your support!
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