Meet Camryn

“Want to tell me what that was about?” she asked.

“He gave me a ride here, and was a little unhappy when he found out who I was. Not a big fan of the family,” Max answered.

“Less than five minutes, Cam. Honestly? You couldn’t have talked it out?” Hale said.

“Level-headed mediator is your role in this relationship. My role is dick-punching arsonist,” Camryn replied haughtily, Max chuckling at her response. With that, she leaned back and propped her feet up on a table in front of her.

“You think you’re hilarious don’t you?”

“Though I realize that you’re a little annoyed with me, and this might not be the best time to shower myself with praise, honesty compels me to tell you—yes. Yes, I do think I’m hilarious.” Max laughed again.