Brain Vomit. Pure dialogue. “Why don’t we talk about your father.” “Good for you, stick to the play book.” “Charlotte—“ “Why do you people always want to talk about my father? He’s not a part of my life. He’s never been a part of my life.” “And that upsets you.” “Why would that upset me?” “An absent father—“ “Look, I get it. You want this to be some sort of touching, ‘I’m so messed up because I never had a dad’ kind of thing but it’s not. You’re asking me to be sad about something I’ve never had. Do you get that? I can’t miss a thing that was never there.” “And your mother has n—“ “Stop. Don’t make this about my mother. She’s the best thing I have, okay? So stop trying to blame either of my parents.” “Charlotte, you’re consistently hostile.” “You’re consistently harassing me, what else am I supposed to do?” “We’re just having a conversation.” “It’s pronounced ‘interrogation’.” “…Let’s try this again.” “Do, let’s.” “I would like very much if we could get better acquainted.” “And I would like very much if you would get bent, but it looks like we’ll both be disappointed today.” “Okay. I’m going to put my pen down.” “Ooh, narrating.” “I’m going to put my pen down and I’m going to let you talk. You tell me about you. No questions asked.” “I’m a killer. I once shot a man just to watch him die.” “Charlotte—“ “Does my mother know I’m here? I mean, is it even legal to pull me out of class for this?” “Your teachers are concerned.” “So that’s a ‘no’.” “We feel if you’d just open up about what’s going on with you that the classroom environment would be a more peaceful one.” “Mrs. George, you’re going to do one of two things. A, you are going to call my mother and she will talk to you about the legal boundaries you are carelessly blurring, or B, you are going to let me go back to class.”

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