Meet Cygna!
This is my concept for the Overwatch hero contest, organized by Ventain on Twitter. I started working on this on March 8 but had to drop it, as I was a little too busy with other projects. 

The first idea I had was a disabled biker dude with a big beard, sitting in a rocket-wheelchair, but this concept just didn't really connect with me personally...

My boyfriend and I watch a lot of documentaries and series about space, so it only made sense to create an astrophysicist, who's also Dutch and a little too obsessed with gravity and the destruction of matter (...yes, black holes). 

I would've liked to draw her ultimate form and write a full backstory for her, but I'm not a very good writer. Putting my thoughts into actual words, and turn them into a cohesive story is difficult (and I really can't afford to spend more time on this).

Anyway, let me know what you think! Would you enjoy playing her? Is she different enough compared to the other heroes? Are her abilities feasible or do you notice anything problematic? I'd love to hear your feedback & ideas!