I reckon the obvious place to start is with a brief introduction to the Callaghan Clan. There are 5 of us if you do not include the 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 chickens and 4 alpacas... Oh, and 1 bearded dragon.

The littlest Callaghan is Erin Grace,  a.k.a. TEO, a.k.a. The Evil One, Born on the stroke of midnight in a graveyard as wolves howled...or so it would seem at times. Erin is incredibly bright, as are her sisters. She loves Minecraft, YouTube, pressing her sister's buttons and making sure none of the food on her plate touches any of the other food on her plate. A glorious laugh that can stop you in your tracks and make the sun shine on the darkest of days. Her pet hates include; socks, "pointy" food, having her hair combed, touched, or looked at, and socks. 

Middle child is Ruby Elwyn. Ruby has been saddled with the "Elwyn" tradition from her mother's side of the family...each second born of a generation must have the middle name of Elwyn. Despite this, Ruby appears not to hate us. Ruby is a talented artist..specialising in drawing and making incredibly small and detailed sculptures out of a variety of mediums. She is in the Opportunity Stream for Gifted and Talented Children and is simply a lovely child. Ruby displays a lot of empathy and it pains me at times to see her burdened with other people's anguish.  Ruby's pet hates include; meat (except chicken burgers, sometimes bacon, nuggets, and anything that looks like she might like it,) repeating herself (Ruby has a small speech impediment and at times can be difficult to understand. This frustrates her greatly) and Dad Jokes. 

Lily Norma... The Teen... a.k.a. Number One Princess. Lily is an amazingly intelligent child. In the Selective Stream at High School for Gifted & Talented. She is an avid reader and can nonchalantly master most subjects and things that interest her. She has a gorgeous smile (when she does) and a very quick wit. She is my Nemesis and I am hers... we bounce off each other..sometimes in a good way but sometimes in ways that is not good for either of us. I find myself being harder on Lily than the others because I see so much of myself in her and I am desperate that she doesn't make the same mistakes I made. Lily has been diagnosed with mild OCD (although not the kind unfortunately that makes her keep her room meticulously clean) social anxiety (bus trips are a waking death for her) and autism. Lily struggles to read emotions or to concentrate when there is noise or injustice around. Currently seeing a psychologist and on several medications, Lily does her best to not feel too unusual...sometimes she finds that hard. Her pet hates include; dad jokes, her father, cleaning her room, eating the same food as everyone else in the family, deadlines.

Tracy ...  a.k.a Wife Number Two... a.k.a. The Love of My Life... I won't delve too deeply here.. There will be many other posts regarding Tracy. She is a dedicated teacher, a fantastic mother, an awesome drinker of wine, a devoted and loyal friend to many ... Her pet hates include; being included in my online blogs and posts, warm wine, me at times.

Me... a.k.a. Steve.. a.k.a Sven ... a.k.a You cunt.   If you hang around for a bit you will get to know me pretty well... some of it is ugly...some good... I reckon there will be a few surprises along the way and a few exclamations of "Get. Fucked!"

Some highlights (or lowlights) that will be revealed over time include; The time I was shot. The time I was stabbed. The time I was in Maximum Security Prison. The time I witnessed a murder. The time I saved a life...and the time I didn't.  Plus much much more...and some steak knives. I am going to rant and rave...to cry and laugh...post lots of pictures... give my opinion on just about everything. 

Enjoy the ride.... I have.