Meet Freddy Marschall
Freddy Marschall was the Cinematographer & Director for Chasing Jonah's most recent music videos for the singles, "Paycheck" as well as "Only One I'd Sing To." 
Marschall co-founded Final Shot Studios in early 2012. Having grown up in Clearwater Florida, with an interest in videography from an early age, he eventually grew up to offer production services to the Tampa Bay Area. As of late, Final Shot Studios has been focusing on working with artists to create music videos, which allows Freddy to combine his love of music and passion for videography. He recently accepted a position with local production company, Oxen Made, working with them full time, shooting and editing for a broad range of clients. He continues to refine his craft and plans to one day continue his career on the West Coast.

He's also filmed the music video for Chasing Jonah's recently released single, "War Paint" which is set to be released next month! 

Final Shot Studios:



Only One I'd Sing To:

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