Meet the Sophisticated Ladies!
Firstly, thank you all for becoming the first Patrons to join our Team and be part of our ongoing adventures!  Secondly, as promised you will be privvy to advanced notifications when something cool is about to happen, and this is the first... We have a new crew, Aubrey,  that some of you may recognize as Miss Lone Star from her own Youtube channel.  Aubrey is here to join as part of our crew for our upcoming sail training series this season, and you guys will all be along for the ride!  

Now you have advanced notice before the rest of our viewers, so all that we ask is that you keep our little secret until we release the next video later this week announcing who are suprise crew member is... thanks again for joining, and we look forward to hearing from you!  :)


Captain Rick & Crew

S/V 'Sophisticated Lady'

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