Meet Moonsprout Archivist Filia Wordsworth, Animation Preview

Good afternoon, readers. I'm Filia - one of the archivists here at Moonsprout Island. Uncovering and curating art and art-techniques is my current specialty, so I'm going to be doing some reporting on materials that have to do with Moonsprout Island - portraits of our residents, on going development of the train station, that sort of thing. On occasion, I'll bring you pics from the archives of artists that I found here on the island, notably a folder labeled "Naomi" which is choc-full of sketches that she must have drawn and left here either by mistake or for us to enjoy and puzzle-over. Naomi, if you're reading this and you did leave these here, please let us know how to get them to you!

As I'm not the only author on this outlet, you'll find my posts stamped with my personal letterhead (example below).

I look forward to bringing you some notable and new discoveries from the island archives! In the mean time, if you have a question or recommendations for any topics or themes, please let us know anytime in the comments or via message.

Oh before I go - that's me up top! And wouldn't you know a moving version of this image is being made to promote the archives. It'll be a while before it's fully done, but why not - I can show you a preview from time to time as it's being made, right?

If you're enjoying this look into the process, please let other folks know where to find them - they'll be available right here first!

OK, that's it for now, but patreon supporters will get lots more Filia finds every week. Hey I just came up with that? No? Oh, well I've just been told I'm not allowed to retitle this website "Filia Finds." Thanks for reading!

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