MEET MY NOVEL (With Mood Boards and Writing Snippets!) | WIP #2: The Way Through the Woods

Thank you again for participating in this Patreon. To break the ice, I'm introducing you all to my current WIPs, or Works In Progress. Yesterday, I shared a look at The Long Cold Night, my April Camp NaNo novel. Today, I'm going to talk a little about The Way Through the Woods, my fantasy novel planned for July's CampNaNo.


Ash, a witch who can (barely) control fire, Hopper, a thief who is this close to getting caught, and James, a guy who really wanted to do this alone, venture into a magical forest to find a cure for a plague bringing the dead back to life. 

Why I'm Excited

I've been looking forward to sitting down and writing this for over a year now. (Why I haven't just sat down and written it is a question I will be writing onto a piece of parchment, burning into ash, and throwing up at the stars for an answer at some point later this evening.) The main character is ace, the only romance is LGBT, and the dialogue I have scribbled down in my outline so far is really funny and fun to read back. I think this one will be a romp to write. 

Current Stats

Current Word Count: I have about 11,000 words written and a 10-chapter outline worked out. (Minus Chapter Seven, which currently says "Idk, get them to Chapter 8".)

Word Count Goal: I'm shooting for around 60,000 words, though my outline is so short this might end up closer to 50,000. Perfect for a NaNo month, at least! 

A Sneak Peak (AKA, Snippets!) 

* * *

* * *

That's it for The Way Through the Woods! I'll be working on this for the July Camp NaNo, and I can't wait to get started. Thank you again for supporting this Patreon, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!