Meet our reptiles - Rohnin
In January 2015 I was ready to get my first snake, I had spent weeks preparing all the supplies for my new reptile. After searching for the perfect breeder, I decided to go to Family Reptiles. I wanted a female pastel, with hopes of her getting large and showing off some nice colors without breaking the bank for my new snake.

I drove all the way to Family Reptiles in Lakeland, FL to pick out the ball python I wanted. I asked to see the female pastels available, and I fell in love with the first girl they pulled out of the rack. I bought her, took her home, and named her Kailani.

She was always small for a female, and went through many fastings and difficulty eating. She was underweight for her age and much smaller than a female should be at her age of three years.

My best friend got her first ball python, a lesser male named Kylo, and we planned to breed them one day, but Kailani was so small to be able to breed. However, at our recent trip to Repticon on June 10, 2018, and decided to have our snakes sexed, just to be sure.

Well. She was a he.

I was not very happy finding this out, I paid extra for a female, and our breeding plans were ruined. So "his" small size finally made sense. After some awkward readjustments his name has been changed to Rohnin, and he's eating on a healthy schedule now and gaining proper weight. Nonetheless we love him, and plan to get a female ball python one day to fix our breeding plans.