The door opened and Robert got out of the cage.

He flexed, stretched, and finally shook his head.

 - Meet Robert - the scientist said.

Soon, everyone else would add the epitome "mad" to this job title.

Robert took a couple of steps forward, unknowing that he was being observed.

He looked around, assessing his surroundings - a huge open area with which he was already familiar - as the scientist kept talking about their achievement.

 - Robert is more than twice the size he should be. A product of selective breeding, the right hormones, and some DNA-tinkering.

 - He looks menacing.

 - He is.

Robert took another step forward into the emptiness.

The fall hardly began, as he opened his arms and paraglided to a nearby tree.

 - He has hands and wings, right?

 - What he has is one limb alone with both functions. He can use his hands and arms much like you and I... No... Better than you and I. And he can also paraglide.

 - And his feet?

 - Another pair of hands, practically. And all four limbs have powerful claws.

 - But he's still not big enough...

 - Oh, I both disagree and assure you we can go bigger. See, Robert is a fierce combatant. He requires meat. He craves blood. There's no stopping him. You can shoot him, but your aim will have to be very precise. He doesn't feel pain the way you and I do, and getting him irritated is not a wise option.

 - But his greatest advantage is in hand to hand combat, right? Can he use weapons?

 - Does it look like he needs weapons? Let us feed him.

An assistant pressed the buttons and a door in the distance opened. A prod forced a creature to scream, announcing itself to Robert.

Robert didn't take two seconds to jump in the direction of that creature.

Moments later it would reach it, jumping straight to it.

The creature tried to fight and tried to run. Robert clawed it and gnawed it and punched it until it realized it should stop fighting and focus on escaping instead.

Although it couldn't.

Robert's fangs were already crushing the creature's neck, with blood coming out of those wounds and all the other places where Robert's claws had found a new home.

The creature fell as the claws tore a bit more through the flesh.

The teeth went further in as the creature exhaled.

 - Well... That's not very impressive... It's not like that creature is a soldier!

 - Well, it's not like I'm putting Robert at risk just for your entertainment. But I have others! Plenty of others!

 - How many?

The scientist smiled, paused, and the number came out as if it were two separate words escaping through an evil grin:

 - Fif-ty.

 - Fifty...

 - Imagine an army of Roberts gliding out of an airplane onto your enemy!

 - That's still not enough...

 - We’ll have 500 more in three months only. All of them bigger and stronger than Robert.

 - 500... What happens if they turn against us? Or how do we get them back once we release them?

 - We designed these collars. If someone tries to take them off, they die. If they fail to comply with our orders, we can kill them. Other than that, we'll just hunt them once the enemy is destroyed.

The generals tried to conceive the vision of dropping 500 Roberts from the sky. Should they drop them all in the same place to attack an enemy, or should they scatter them across the country to raise havoc and destruction?

As they left, they discussed:

 - I'm not as sure as I was about this. The notion is sound, and it would inspire the terror we were looking for, but after seeing it... Plus, the guy is completely insane.

 - He is! Who would give the name Robert to an oversized bat?

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