Meet the Sheriff
I felt pretty bad launching a Patreon campaign without having anything to show for the project, so I've kept myself pretty busy since the start of the year and have lots to share with you guys. Above is one of our protagonists who currently has no name, so I just call him the Sheriff. He's a mysterious one with a bad attitude and an adventurous future ahead.  

I've opted to go for a more stylized low poly modeling approach with hand painted textures that include pained on light and shadow to give it more of that 90's cartoons vibe that impacted me so much growing up. You'll be seeing a lot of him and his world  in the upcoming months as things start to take shape. 

Beware! Geek Info Ahead

Initially I rigged him in Maya using TSMG but decided that I should try my stab at creating as much of the game as I can using open source software. So I took a few days and finally learned the basics of Blender as well as it's rigging mechanics resulting in the animation you see above. 

Now I did notice that some of the geometry normal's needed some special treatment coming in from Blender into Unity and the general FBX file size was larger and more sluggish when compared to the original Maya tests. But after a few more days of messing around I found a way of stripping all that extra crap that Blender was automatically trying to include in the FBX exports and now it's all gravy baby. I'm quite enjoying working with Blender now. 



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