Meet the two African Nova Scotian reporters who helped bring Viola Desmond’s story to light
In 2018, Viola Desmond will be the first woman in Canada to grace the $10 bill. Many now know her story, but a few may not know that it was brought to light by two African Nova Scotian women, 64 years apart.  

Carrie Mae Best (née Prevoe) was born in New Glasgow in 1903. She married Albert T. Best, a Barbados native, who was with the Canadian Army of occupation and served in World War I. Mr. Best was also employed with the Canadian National Railway for 50 years. The two had one biological child, J. Calbert Best, and adopted foster children from the Nova Scotia home.

“She had no fear. I was in awe about the way she approached things,” said Berma Marshall, reminiscing about her mother, the late Carrie M. Best.

“She’d go right to Halifax and knock on the Premier’s door and say she needs five minutes and would come out two hours later,” said Marshall. Not only does she have many fond memories of her mother, but also appreciates what she stood for. “She was ahead of her time, at the time she spoke up for people’s rights,” said Marshall. To her, her mother was a role model whose first priority was education....