Meeting PHQ Friends
This weekend, I met an old friend of mine, his nickname used to be Scaleskin, now he goes by Syruss.

The first thing he told me was that I banned him back in 2004 or 2005 on Personal Halfquake for a short period of time. I didn't even remember, I know that there was an option to prevent people from logging into their accounts, but I only remember using it once or twice. He told me that he had used to be one of the "troublemakers" back then, exploiting PHQ and such, and I told him, he certainly wasn't the only one.

He laughs about it today, but it's kinda strange hearing about something I probably did out of panic!

Either way, I quickly changed the topic (:D) and we took a nice stroll through Vienna and sat down in Cafe Neko to drink coffee and tea.

Scaleskin is not from Vienna (and I won't tell you where he's from because I'm afraid I already told you too much), and he flew to Vienna for one reason, and that is Ingress.

Long story short, I'm now playing Ingress, too! Not sure for how long, but since I'm walking around in Vienna a lot anyways, it's actually fun.

But I dingress.


I really like meeting people from the HQA/PHQ days, and I remember meeting TheAwake and Sirion, who even stayed in my apartment back in 2002, to make The Present for the first year celebration of Halfquake Amen.

TheAwake visited me a second time (around 2003 I think) and I remember walking around in Wels back then (that was half a lifetime ago). 

Later on, I met Szaladin in Vienna, and I remember showing him my HQA folder. We ate a burger at McDonald's (I know, I know, I should've taken him to a more culturally relevant place!), and there was a woman who had bought too many burgers and offered Szaladin another one for free! Hopefully, it wasn't poisoned. D:

And then, I met Denikover twice! He showed me his drawings, and we explored Vienna with long walks, and bought Aida coffee to go. :D

I'll be honest with you, it's usually a little awkward at first, but these meetings always turn out to be memories for life, and if any of you are ever in Vienna, let me know, so we can also go grab a coffee.

Or two, or three. (<