Mega Dads 2 Year Anniversary Patreon Bonus!
To help celebrate 2 years of Mega Dads we're having a bonus awards program for the month of March! As our way of saying thanks to all of our supporters Adam will be creating free digital artwork for ALL of our patrons! Here's how it works: if you are currently a patron at ANY level or if you sign up by the end of the month Adam will draw any one character you request in black and white. In addition to that if you refer a friend and they also support us here on Patreon, Adam will upgrade your illustration to full color just like the example at the top of the page! This is for any amount pledged to Mega Dads here on Patreon! So in short: even if you pledge just one dollar a month, and you get a friend to do the same you will get a full color illustration of the character of your choice. That's a $50 value based on Adam's current commission rates. In order to qualify you must make your pledge by the end of March. All art will be created after your first month's pledge has cleared. Simply leave us a comment here on our Patreon page or email us at [email protected] and let Adam know which character you want him to draw! Thank you for your continued support!