Mega Dibs + Coming soon
These last few days of October have been like a scene from a Poltergeist movie, things flying around and me trying to remember where my box of this or that  is in the mental and physical mess. That being said, mega dibs is coming.

At some point Friday or Saturday I need to inventory the items that will be for sale at Jet City Comicon in Tacoma Washington. As I do this, i'll be snapping photos of the items that will be availible but are not on the shop, this includes everything from Resin magnets, art prints, to cosplay ID badges. I'll be posting the pics on Monday, as per usual first comment gets the dibs and your banked supporter money can be used for any dibs item. 

I have the James Bond Funko in the ending stages but he keeps needing to get back burnered as there are STILL some kickstarter snags and other orders do but if things fall into place I'll have him up Monday as well as a collage of 8-10 different art designs I inked this week for you to vote which I should color for future redbubble designs. ;)


  • On November 1st i'll be shooting out messages to all my supporters of your banked balance. With holiday shopping just around the corner keep in mind that you can used banked money for your level of support items or for any DIBS items. Should be able to knock some stocking stuffers off your list.
  • New survey, what to draw, what to craft, what to Funko, and what to do in general. 
  • I have 5 bookshelf bases coming to turn into Funko prop pieces, so at least 2 of those will be posted for DIBS in November. 
  • Sticker DIBS! I took advantage of a sale on redbubble and stocked up on my popular convention sticker designs. Once they are in I'll do a master post for anyone interested in designs. 
  • The patreon is only 15.00 away from hitting the "craft tutorial" goal! If it hits that by November 1st, there will be a really awesome craft tutorial put together for you all. 
  • 2 Supporters will be getting a prize pack this month a mix and a secret video, it will probably involve my dog in some silly way which you are free to share if you decide to. 
  • I penciled out a thing... it's pretty detailed so i'd like to try to do speed inking video. It may end up pretty sweet. 

Is there anything you would like to see me do in November? Or at the very least attempt to do?  Shoot a comment below. :) 

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