Mega Man 3 - Spark Man's Theme
We're in our fourth "album" period, so it was high time we tackled some more Mega Man for ya. Here's Spark Man's theme from Mega Man 3.

Michael chose this week's song and delivers this week's factoids:

-Spark Man continues in the Mega Man series' storied lineage of  electricity-themed Robot Masters -- right after Elec Man (Mega Man 1)  and Volt Man (the weird computer game)

-Spark Man is vulnerable to two special weapons: the shuriken-like Shadow Blade and his own Spark Shock.

-Like many Mega Man tunes, this interesting piece of repertoire  features a direct, borderline-'illogical' modulation in the B-section to  a different key area (in this case, the IV chord) that nevertheless  sounds cool.

-The game's music was composed by Yasuaki Fujita and Harumi Fujita. The latter Fujita gave birth during the composition phase.

-Mega Man 3 is Michael's second-favorite game in the Mega Man universe, tied perhaps with Mega Man Legends.