Mega Man Costume Pattern
As you know, I have been spending a lot of time working on my Mega Man costume for Halloween.  Also, some of you may know that after I finish that, My wife has requested that I make a Samus costume for her.  When both costumes are done, she wants to do some conventions for fun.

Aside from my utter shock that she is interested at all, I realized that this is a good opportunity to offer you folks something extra.

First off, any convention we attend I will let you know about, and anyone who wants to meetup with us will have the opportunity.  

Secondly, Ill make the patterns for both costumes available to Patrons only. 

I don't know how interested you are/will be in the patterns, however it represents (like many things I do) a labor of love, and I feel like it should be shared with you who give me so much love.