Mega Post-TCAF 2018 Update!
Wow, what a weekend! There were a few respectable pictures we could have used to show our enthusiasm for the weekend -- but we look pretty dumb in this one so that's just how we're gonna start this post.

For those unaware, TCAF was the first time Colin and I met in person! It was exciting to finally chat face-to-face without a monitor in between; and besides selling Folklore, meeting fans, and looking at fancy watches TCAF was also a great opportunity for us to plan the rest of Folklore's 2018 future.

Buckle in for a long, detailed post with various bullets to help break up the wall of text:

  • Issue 6 has been completely plotted out...and it's going to be a long one. 

Almost double the size of a normal issue -- which if you're familiar is a problem we ran into in Issue 3. Spending a long time on an issue is well and good, but we don't want there to be a huge gap of time for both our patrons and regular readers where you're not getting any new story advancements.

To fix this, we're going to be cutting Issue 6 in half. We hope to have Issue 6 (Part 1) completed before the end of August / September, which will be released to patrons like normal. Then, we'll slowly roll out Part 1 to our regular readers while completing Part 2.

The goal is by the end of the year our regular readers will still be engaged in Issue 6, while our patrons will have the full issue completed and in their digital hands.

  • We're working on getting a few artists to help us create fun filler, whether it's just an illustration or maybe something more, during this period of downtime.

Patrons will get to see what we're thinking first and foremost, but this will also help give our regular readers something to enjoy as we're absolutely certain there will be a few weeks between the end of Issue 5 and start of Issue 6 on our main site (and mirrors).

  • Starting with Issue 7 onward, we will have several more Patron appearances, as well as a fun bit of interaction with their survival odds.

We know a lot of our patrons are at the $10+ tier because you all want to die in our world...but it's no fun just showing up for a single page in the background. We hope you're really happy with what we've done with Araielle's appearance, and it's that kind not-quite-main-character role that we want to bestow on everyone.

Whether you've purchased the tier in the past and have since left it, or continue to support us today, rest assured that we will reach out to each and every supporter to make sure you get a spotlight that's unpredictable, fun, and maybe a little violent.

  • Once Issue 6 is completed we plan on making a Volume 2, collecting Issues 4-6. This print run will be making its debut on Kickstarter!

The last time we did a print run we used limited word of mouth to send out orders, and it went really well! This time around we really want to see what's possible crowdfunding wise.

We'll talk more about our 2019 Kickstarter plans when the time comes, but we already have a few really fun ideas for what we can offer at various tiers.


  • We need cooler con merch!

Every con is a new learning experience, and after getting to see so many talented creators at TCAF we realized that (now that we feel more comfortable in selling books) the time has come to produce other things for our fans to enjoy.

Many of you already know we're working on a book of collected short stories, but we're also thrown around a few other ideas...which I'm definitely not spoiling here. Yet, anyway!

Wow, what a post huh? If you're a regular patron you can expect more of the usual updates in the coming weeks -- both in the form of art and short story lore! 

Thank you all so much for your support. It's a blessing having you with us on this semi-spooky, semi-heroic, semi-post-apocalyptic journey.

-Adam (and Colin)