MEGA STREAM (8hr Video)
Thank you again to everyone who showed up and cheered me on for this event! – Twitch just today added an 'events' tab to our pages for followers, so I've put the closest streams on there! – you'll likely be notified a day before the event starts?  (unsure how this works exactly...)

Our next Doodle streams are the 2nd, 16th & 30th! And I'm doing regular art streams every Wednesday too! show up if you can!

Above is the (long 8hr) recording of the MEGA STREAM! i'll try to edit highlights out soon (based on patrons requests) and i'll have the doodles themselves up here in HD on Patreon as soon as I can! <3 

I'll be focusing on Commissions & LandFish pages this next week – Feel free to Poke me if i'm behind on anything or if you want me to start something new!! – I'll show you some progress either during the stream on Wednesday, or via email on Friday!!! ♡!!! 

since our next DOODLE stream is just a week away, feel free to post your requests below!!

- Much love and cheers, until next time!

-Sam Kalensky.