Mega64 Patreon Fall 2017 Package
Our next Patreon gift package is coming! In time for fall, we'll be releasing an awesome new Mega64 gift box full of awesome stuff for our patrons. This time, we're gonna do something a little different and show a couple of the big items. Those who sign up for Tier 3 and fund for 3 months will be getting our best box yet- containing an incredibly deluxe exclusive Mega64 designer backpack! OOH! This thing is high quality with adjustable straps, inner and outer pockets, a slot for earbud headphones, and more! We've never offered an item like this in our merchandise selection... ever! 

In addition, the Tier 3 patrons will get another new item we've never done: The Marcus Popsocket!

This item for your smartphone will help you get a grip, stand it up, and also charm the heck out of anybody who meets eyes with Marcus' loving gaze.

Of course, Tier 3 also gets everything Tier 2 gets-- namely, an exclusive poster, calendar, and a couple smaller mystery items. We'll keep that stuff under wraps.

You have just over 24 hours (midnight at the end of July 26th) to jump in on 3 months of funding* to receive this exclusive package. After that, your funding will still do great things, unlock access to Friendimension & other bonus stuff, and you'll just go into counting towards the package after this one.

We are deep in production on Version 4.1 and our book as well. Patreon's estimations bounce around a lot- the book is still funded but your support is definitely important to make sure its development can continue as planned!

Thank you, as always, for supporting Mega64!

* From this point on, new international patrons at Tier 3 will need to add $2 monthly ($26 minimum) to be eligible for the Tier 3 package. If you have already funded us, do not worry about this.

**All product mockups subject to change.