Megaman and Bass - Game Over TRANSCRIPTION
Hello everyone,

I've been working on Megaman and Bass again and this morning I knocked out the Game Over theme as well as most of the Groundman Theme (I only have the drums left and then I need to prepare the score).

This is a simple progression based around G# minor (Aeolian). It's one of the few compositions that only has triads. This one definitely makes you feel to sorrow of getting a Game Over! So grab some tissues and check it out!

Overall this is what I plan for Megaman and Bass transcriptions:

Character Select (done)

Database (done)

Museum (done)

Astroman (done)




Game Over (done)


Staff Roll

If you have a request for any other, let me know. The next OST I'll be jumping into will be Kirby Super Star (SNES). Feel free to mention any tunes you'd love to see done!