Dear patrons (and others):

A new collection of my old short stories is now available:  The Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy Megapack.

I considered trying to set up an arrangement with the publisher to get you folks free copies, but jeez, list price is only 99 cents; I'm pretty sure you can all afford it.  (At least, I hope so!)  The link to buy it is below.

And as long as I'm giving you news:  Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror is complete and has been sent to the editor and the illustrator.  Should be out later this year, and on that one patrons will get free ebooks.

Stone Unturned, a.k.a. the Big Fat Ethshar novel, is complete and under contract to Wildside.  I haven't actually delivered it yet because I'm waiting for my wife to finish reading it; so far she's caught two mistakes and a possibly confusing detail.  She's about 70% of the way through, so I expect to send it to Wildside some time this week.

It appears the next Ethshar novel after that will be a short one, Charming Sharra, which is a spin-off about a minor character from Stone Unturned.  I'm a few pages into writing it.

Tor has finally published a paperback edition of Above His Proper Station, but I haven't actually seen a copy yet.  Readers have reported that it does really exist.

I think that's most of it.  May you all have a lovely spring.

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