Meggcha suit test print!
Here's a photo of a test print of the "Power-up!" pose. Unfortunately the scaling I chose to print at was a bit small for the eggs we have in our fridge.

Guess my father went and bought different size eggs from the one I initially measured :p

Never mind...the brilliant thing of 3D printing is that I can just scale it up on the computer and then print it again. Or find a smaller egg. That could work :/

This model and the two other poses will be available in the first week of June 2016 along with table-top versions, where they've each got flat bases as part of the model.

The model in the photo was split apart to make printing easier. That way I didn't have a mammoth print time and tons of support structure to remove. I did (re)learn the important lesson when making slot-together points; Add a notch or something to help get the orientation right when making round peg fittings!

It made alignments a bit awkward :)