The Melajjin are here, an alien expo!
Hello Friends!

This weekend I have received something akin to an early Christmas bundle, no really!!!

Carmelo Nazario, has totally outdone himself. 

He has delivered what can only be described as a supreme deluxe alien surprise.

The intent when we discussed the project was to get a rudimentary alien akin to the Melajjin of the storybook already designed for chapter 6 "Plight of the Takyüddin" that you have already gotten a glimpse of. 

However going above and beyond he has delivered so much more than that, I am virtually speechless.

Not only can I present you these awesome renders of a Melajjin warrior!

There are also clip on tools and weapons.

Topping it off he has delivered not one, not two, not three but going for an expressions galore delivery he has opted for 9 different facial expressions that combined can create plethora of expressions way beyond the count of your digits and then some.

What I have decided to share here are the rudimentary renders.

The Patrons will if they request it be able to get access to the Full  Monty hereunder the 3D models - However since the materials are fragmented into modular blocks they will be of little use to anyone except us for building the 3D comicbook. 

As for access to the models.  No sorry you can't sign up to request access to the 3D models.

New Patrons will have to show a loyalty following for at least 3 months starting from first billing month, until access can be granted, this is to avoid people just signing up to grab the models and then quitting again. 

Patrons already following, or patrons who have signed up earlier can naturally request access immediately

I will likely be releasing some version of the Melajjin, as an STL file on TinkerCAD if you want to have a go with your 3D printer, but that lies a bit into the future. Till then you just need to enjoy the renders.

But let me say that if you are into science fiction, 3D comicbooks, 3D printing then this project is one for you. I will do what I can to make the materials as available as possible within reason.

Joining us is risk free - Stay with us for a period of a year and if you are unhappy simply cancel your patronage as per the instructions on the main page and get a full refund no questions asked.

So what are you waiting for? 

Join us today and help bring further scifi awesomeness into existence all while we create the most immersive 3D comicbook universe available to date. 

Let us bring you into the fray of the world of Reckoning for a ride you won't forget.

Thanks for your time!!!


P.S. Once you've signed up as a patron here, I suggest you scoot right over to Carmelo's Patreon page and do the same there after all he would love to be able to put aside more time to create more brilliant models for Reckoning