Melancholia: Lots done and too come - what I've got in the works and done.
I'll try to keep this concise and brief.

What you should be checking out right now

1) I've got my Fallout 4, Serpent in the Staglands, Dustbowl and RPG Maker MV videos I'm pumping out regularly and as fast as I can with my limited free-time.

2) Zero Friction is still going strong and gives me much joy. I am very happy with where it's at, but I want to grow it. It's sat at a plateau for awhile now, with occasional spikes in popularity. We have articles and videos that go up just about every single day, so bookmark it and keep checking back. I think the next logical step is to get more writers and contributors, which will increase post-output, which I think is the biggest thing to grow it right now. Hopefully this can start happening soon.

3) I've started using my Patreon to Blog like I used to back in the day. I think it offers more content and is more repayment and incentive for existing and new Patrons.

What I'm thinking of doing soon

I'm making a little bit of money that I "might"(I stress "might") be able to use toward upping my monthly upload bandwidth. That is a tricky thing and is like pulling teeth with Net companies. They want an arm and a leg just to give you 2 more MB of upload speed. 

I'm trying to upgrade my PC a bit. mainly I want an ultra-wide monitor and new GPU. After that, I may try and get new harddrives. I mainly want the new HDD to get increased read-write speeds. My PC is still pretty good, but even if I can record a game at high resolution and framerate my disk read/write speeds are bottlenecking it and I can't write the data fast enough.

I could really use the increased Net speeds for both YouTube uploading and getting back into Twitch livestreaming.

I'd like to offer more simple methods to repay patrons and attract new ones: like a game server to play on.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have more stuff in the next day for you to enjoy.