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Melee Precision
I wanted to finally show off some of the two sided melee combat in ITR. Opponents will be constantly moving to try to trap you between them. But being boxed in isn't the end; fighting your way out of a double team is where your combat skills can really shine.

Also introduced in this GIF is the Spearman. These guys are fast moving cannon fodder. They're relatively weak, but usually come in numbers. Their primary attack is a charge that can be countered with a swipe at the legs or head, sending them rolling over or sliding under and past you.

The way combat works in ITR is you have a single 'block' button that will auto-counter anything that comes at you. A block will cost you a little stamina, but it's the safest bet. Dodging will gain you stamina, but has to be catered to the attack.

In this sequence you're also seeing distance strikes. Distance strikes suck up more stamina, but do more damage and have a better hit percentage. They can only be executed when your opponent is pushed back 1 tile.

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