[Melodic] Eastern collection v2 Madhubala Saree SMP
Meeeeeh! This is hard!

Whole week trying to make this stuff work as i want

Redone whole outfit like 50 times

Tried 3 different skeletons: My, one from senpo dress and one which newmiller uses for his dresses

Last one seems working with enourmous amount of wasted time of me and newmiller to make it work.

Right now it undone, but still decided to put it to peoples, maybe someone will fix it or when i got free time out of commision :p

what is working - dress and lower part of saree 

issues - upper part which are on  shoulder seems to stretch into infinite and beyond

This is first and last time i make long dress smp, cant calculate all stuff in my head and there is no visualisation software for testing. Doing small stuff like jiggling armor parts or accessorys is FAR easier. 

So here is link to achive if anyone want to use it.


Also you can just switch partition slot in nif for saree to make it invisible if you want to use dress only :p

Will update this post one some progress is done!

Mod requires both previous V2 and smp earrings patch




So it is, its working! It was cool expirience with physics! So glad we finally figured out how this works on MANY LEVELES. Too bad OS not supports this amount of bone per vertex.


>Mod requires both previous V2 and smp earrings patch 

Special thx to Newmiller 

Cheers yo!  ˙˚ʚ(´◡`)ɞ˚˙ 


Totally forgot! :O

Here is esp with Fix 

Fixed shield usage as well as alt saree color