Melodymaze Pianocraze

Nov 22, 2016

I can now manually create mazes with automatic wall creation/deletion, and edit note fields and set their individual notes using floating piano keys. I used the old piano sounds from the IAD Sound Designer for testing, but I already have an idea for the actual sounds I'm going to use in the future (will probably do a test recording sometime this week).

There will be additional sound settings, not sure which ones I want to implement, but pitch and reverb seem interesting choices, and Unity provides these adjustments with their API out of the box.

I also updated my Unity installation to the latest version, because I realized I haven't done so since working on Catty & Batty a year ago. :D Converting MelodyMaze to the new version somehow added a crapton of binary metadata files. Okay. But everything runs fine, that's what counts.

Next, I'm going to look at saving and loading the created mazes, make it possible to place important maze pieces (such as note end points as well as The Base Note), and add some sprites and details to the scenery.

Afterwards, I can start making a campaign!

Again, this will be similar to Turnament. Sort of. I guess. (:

Remember, you can follow the game's development right through its source. It won't be pretty. But there'll be progress.

One more thought nugget: I'm splitting up my code into as many classes as possible, so that I will hopefully be able to use these for my next game as well. I'm already using code stuff from Catty & Batty, but that was all over the place, and now I'm trying to make a neat little toolset, so I don't have to worry about that much stuff for the Next Big Thing. The funny thing is, I probably could reconstruct Half-Life's entities, like func_button and all that jazz. I already know how to do that in theory for Unity. That is pretty exciting. :D

P.S.: Go and play The Next Big Thing, it's excellent.

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