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The Melting Pot Makes US Great (Stop The Hate)

Hello friends! Sorry I have been a bit quiet over the past week, but Mr Surly Amy (aka Surly Johnny) was working in Mexico for 5 weeks and he finally got home. I missed him a lot and so I took some family time and ditched work to be with him. He's now back to work on a new job (in America) and so I'm back to work in the art studio.

Another fun update that has taken a bit of my attention is that, like with the website Skepchick, that I recently returned to, we also just relaunched the art and science blog I run on the same network called Mad Art Lab. Mad Art Lab is back complete with a whole team of writers! I will be posting cool art and science links to inspire you there on Wednesdays, and I'll be posting about some of my art there on other days too. Know that you guys will always get my art here first. And on that note, here is my latest design, a downloadable and printable at home poster sized illustration called, The Melting Pot Makes US Great (Stop The Hate.)

Like the last one I posted about equality, it is standard poster art size, 22 inches wide  by 28 inches high, so you can print it in sections on your home computer or just have it printed at the local print shop in one piece. Then you can tape it, or use spray fixative to attach it to a poster board or other hard surface and BAM you have a poster for any protest you may attend. Or, you can put it on your wall or in a window or post it somewhere else cool. 

I release this art to the public for non commercial use under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial (CC-BY-NC) license. 

I've attached the color and a black and white version. The black and white version looks cool and you can color it in if you want.

America's brand is literally the melting pot. We are a country built by, and filled with immigrants from all over the globe. We know that we are strong because we are diverse. And we don't need to make America great, it already was. The current American president can not erase those truths.

Enjoy the poster art. More soon.

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