Meme Insider is working hard, but no April issue is coming out.
We didn't publish the April issue. That sucked. I'm going to explain what happened, and how we are going to fix it.

April-May is a tough time of year: Exams and finals are happening, people are getting new jobs for the summer, and its a time where more people change their life. We had a majority of our team finishing exams so they couldn't write or design for April. Our lead designer had a baby in March and learned just how much time that requires. The Back-up Lead was traveling and the other top designers were not able to work because of moving and school. Most of our writers are in college, so we only had 4 articles for the issue.

Worst of all, I decided to move across the country. I took 5 days to travel across america to LA and crashed on couches for a week trying to get a place. Once I got one I needed furniture and a bed to finally be able to set-up my computer and get back into the action. I had a lot of real world work that backed up that needed my attention first.

I understand this is a lot of excuses, but with a volunteer organization there is no incentive to make time for Meme Insider when there are other things to do. We would LOVE to pay staff for articles they write or designers for their work, but our patreon barely breaks even. Magazines are super fun to have print copies of, but very expensive to make at low quantity. The last 2 runs have been 12 copies. Even at the $20 price point on Patreon I was paying out of pocket to get those issues to the supporters. I was getting a deal through a local printer who matched low Online prices but had them available for pickup next day for no additional cost. Even then I paid out of pocket thinking eventually more people would sign up for the copy, so we would break even, and best case scenario we could lower the price of the magazine.

We are rallying together for May issue which should come out May 29th (last Monday of the month). Over the summer we will be implementing changes that should make it easier for ANYONE to get involved at Meme Insider.