Men and romance movie trope lists
I’ve started creating lists of movies that include troubling tropes having to do with masculinity. The intention is that each list is part of my research and will eventually become a full fledged video essay on the topic. I'll be adding more lists each month but I've begun with 3 common Hollywood "romance" conventions. 
The Goodhearted Peeping Tom: A trope I named to describe media in which men or boys spy on women without their consent but it’s ultimately framed as harmless.
The Surprise Kiss: Media where one character suddenly kisses another on the lips without any sort of consent, implied or otherwise.
Abduction as Romance: Media in which men kidnap, trap or imprison women but she eventually comes to love him in the end.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Please feel free to add your own suggestions for examples (or counterexamples) in the comments below this post or directly on the list pages.

As you might imagine, I watch a LOT of movies for this project. So I'm using the free movie site Letterboxed  to create and hosts these lists, as well as to track the movies I've seen. If you'd like you can follow my movie reviews and collections over there