Men in Black and S. Darko
Things got a little jumbled, and in order to untangle them I had to do several pages at once.  The problem was that I had written a one-shot short analysis of Men in Black from a single theatrical viewing, and then I had written a longer multi-part version, and I wanted to consolidate them into one page--but between the two I wrote a couple other articles, one of which linked to the first and anticipated the second.  Thus the Men in Black III page that just went up includes both of the original analyses, the short one first, and the Future Time Travel Films--2012 page links to it while also saying that it is still to come, and the S. Darko analysis is also restored, because it fell between the two originally.

Thanks for the feedback on the blog idea; I'm going to see whether that's something easily done on the site.  I know that they have WordPress as an option, and I think it's free, so if I'm right that's probably the way to go.

As to the music, you'll find links to lyrics on the site, dating to the band I led in the 90's, and one mediocre quality mp3 recording (the instruments were all computer-generated midi) of my personal favorite, Holocaust, posted there.  (That's the mp3 link, so it should play.)  There's also the Collision Of Worlds album, but I'm not sure about availability on that.