Men in Love and War
Welcome to my next installment of Love at First Write, which is chronicling my endeavors to write a great epic romance.

In this segment, we're talking about men. What makes a great man and a great character. What is the trait that - in my opinion - a proper male protagonist absolutely cannot go without (no it's not six-pac abs, even if they do look awfully good).

Men are getting a bad rap these days due to the exploits of creeps like Harvey Weinstein. And yes, I've met my share of cads, louses, rat-finks and all-out jerks. Bad men (and women) can crush our dreams and undermine our belief in the goodness of humankind. They can destroy our confidence in ourselves.

But the most wonderful people I've ever known have also been men, and their heroism, character, complexity and beauty has inspired my writing and blessed my life with dads, uncles, friends, husbands, sons, cousins, co-workers and bosses who have loved me, told me never to give up, and gone the extra mile for me - even when they didn't have to.

In short, I think men are remarkable.

So, please, sit back, have a view and tell me what you think. I love hearing from you.