Hello! It me! A sleepy Helen! Here I've got another fresh commish! Got an ESO bebe for a new client! I'm having a lotta fun with these quicky commissions, and trying to be a little less perfectionist about lines and such. And you know, really get into colour explorations! I've got one lil sale commission slot for a piece similar to this! Just one!  

All of the wonderful support y'all have given me has funded a new pc! All the parts should be arriving next week! And!!! NBN is finally live in my area, so along with a new pc, I'll be having an internet upgrade! Which means!!! I'm gonna get back into streaming art and sunday funday games!! It will be all changed up though because I want to focus more on a lofi-relaxing experience so the art streams will be sans webcam and more focused on my work. It'll be real Bob Rossy, aha! 

Commissions inquiries open!

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