The main picture of this post describes perfectly how I feel right now. I tested this mod all day, solved a bunch of issues and got my girlfriend angry at me because sleeping so few like I did in these days is not good for my own mental health... so I'll be taking a break after this... 



To deal with the Gender Dysphoria included in this mod, you need Hormone Replacement Therapy 

I think most of you know what this mod is about, at this point... but here we go again:

This Mod adds a Mental Health System into the game, Psychotherapy, Pharmacological Therapy and the possibility to get a Diagnosis. 

There are 11 possible Disorders that can be diagnosed to your Sim:

ADHD, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline, Clinical Depression, Dependant Personality, Eating Disorder, Gender Dysphoria, Narcissistic Disorder, OCD, Schizoid. 

And 2 not Chronic ones:

PTSD and General Depression

You can read more about them HERE 

They are not meant to be a 100% accurate representation of real life disorders! They're more a generic, Sims version of them. There are too many variables depending on sigle individuals to represent something like this properly.

To get started, you can click on your Sim's phone and go to get a diagnosis:

Your Sim will be away for a while, and come back with a diagnosis based on their pre-existing personality. Many factors can impact the outcome, but it's still very much random, so it's pointless to list it all (for example, men should be more likely to get the narcissistic and schizoid outcome than women, like teen are more likely to have eating disorders).

You'll get an hidden trait, and the trait will impact your sim. Now, most of this relies on multipliers and mood modifiers, so unless you look at it closely, you'll not see this huge -10000 angry you can see in many other personality traits with the same purpose, but I still advice you to turn off emotional dead... 'cause Morty piled up enough anger to drop dead a couple of times in my testing. I didn't want to do something that relied on buffs and over-powered emotions, so most of it happens in the background. 

Apart from the diagnosis system, this mod adds the possibility to buy general anxiolytic and antidepressants from the PC, that help dealing with stress and sadness. the medical system is mostly used with the diagnosis.

The psychotherapy, on the other hand, is useful for everyone.

You can go to a therapist from the phone or the PC. You can have family sessions and couple sessions. Therapy helps getting rid of negative emotions, helps with childhood phases (and, by the way, you can also encourage it... it increases conflict resolution)

Rises the relationship if done together and gives a random buff. (The one you get from the couple therapy affects your sims social behaviour for the time it's active).

Disorders can pile on each other if you ask more than a consult, and can be misdiagnosed. If you get Bipolar and go to diagnosis again chances are high that your diagnosis will change.

There is a cheat menu from where you can force an outcome (you still need to take the diagnosis, and it's not 100% a sure method) or directly add the trait you want:

To use it, enable testingcheats on and shift click on your Sim (there are other cheats if you have Tmex all cheats unlock, to trigger the symptoms and bipolar phases, but I suggest you to avoid using them). Via cheat it's also possible to remove the disorders. 

Children can do everything in this mod, you need to send or bring them to therapy, they can get 3 diagnosis (schizoid, dependant, ADHD) and also take the prescription.

The prescription is only one for everyone, but the effect on the sims is different and based on the disorder they have. 

Don't use anxiolytics when you don't need them... just an advice.

I Had fun making the Psychotherapy, so I also added... Support Groups!

They're way less effective than therapy, but they're free. 

Friends in Griefs helps dealing with sadness and loss; New Steps helps dealing with gender Dysphoria but it's open to everyone, rises fun and social need, also helps with childhood phases; Addicted Anonymous doesn't actually help with addictions but helps dealing with symptoms like stress, anger and discomfort, also rises social need. P to P (Parent to Parent) reduces anger, stress, and increases parenting skills; Self Help deals with mental disorders; 

...then, in the middle of doing this... Caleb spoke to my mind and told me that this was the perfect occasion to give him a place to vent, and since I always do mods for Morgyn, I decided to make him happy... so the last one is exclusive for Vampires who don't want to drink from sims (you can select non vampires but they'll not go, the good vampire perk is not required) the Vampires Support Group offers free packs... so yeah, going increases thirst and also reduces the decay rate for some hours, it also reduces eventual stress if your Vampire was unable to control themselves.


The Sim reset when drinking the medicines from sitting. I have no idea why, but I'll keep investigating (this happens also in the HRT mod)... doesn't happen when they're standing.


10/31 - Fixed a string.