Mental Neji x reader [AU]
It was a snowy day  (y/n) was walking along side the road. She was heading towards the market to buy somethings she needed. She loved snowy days but  they made her sad at the same time. She didn't knew the reason but yeah. She was passing by a mental hospital all the unharmful patients were sitting in the garden under pavilions each doing something or simply enjoying the snow. There were guards to to ensure their and other people's safety. (y/n) stopped when she when she saw a boy with long dark brown hair and beautiful lavender orbs. He had pale skin and he was sitting in a wheelchair mumbling to himself. She felt really weird  like her heart has been torn apart. She was really hurt to see him . It felt like she knows hi but how can she know him? (y/n) shrugged and walked away. "(y/n)!!  Don't leave me! What will I do without you?!" Her eyes widened as she heard that. She looked back and saw the boy with snowy eyes yelling it over and over again.  The nurses rushed to his side and gave 'that boy with snowy eyes' injection. Soon he fell unconscious. The nurses took him inside and her chest felt heavy seeing. She sighed and tried to shake off the weird feeing. (y/n) went to the store and bought the things she needed. 'Why did he said my name?' She asked herself. 'Must be a coincidence ' she answered her self as she started heading out towards her house. Time skip~ It's been a week since she saw that boy with snowy eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about him. She felt pain whenever she thought about him. Today she finally decided she is gonna go and meet him. She got ready and wore her favorite clothes nothing too fancy. She got out of her house and locked it. She sighed it's been snowing from a week now. She started walking to the hospital. She didn't took her car because it was not too far besides she liked being out in snow. 'Why does the snow remind me of his eyes?' She asked herself. She soon reached the hospital. The patients weren't out today. She was getting eager to meet him. She took permission from the hospital staff and they  agreed after too much request. She finally knows his name.  His name is Neji, Hyūga Neji. They said her to wait in a room. She was nervous . 'Neji..... Why does it sound so familiar?' She thought to herself as she waited for Neji. The door slowly opened and the nurse came in with Neji in his wheelchair. (y/n) eye rims started to fill with tears. Neji wasn't paying attention he was mumbling to himself like that day. (y/n) looked at him and back at the nurse. (y/n) POV "He always keeps mumbling to himself. He talkes about ninjas and war and how he wasn't able to protect his lover." The nurse told you. You nodded your head. "I see I want to be alone with him." You told her. "But what if he goes reckless?" The nurse asked as she frowned. "Don't worry besides the guards are at the door." You told her while staring at Neji. "We can't allow that." She told you. "Please?" You asked her with hurt in your voice and glassy eyes. She pounded on it for a moment then she finally sighed in defeat and left without another word. You looked at Neji again. "I-I c-couldn't protect m-my (y/n)" he mumbled to himself looking at his hands. Your eyes widened . You bent down and sat on your knees. You slowly made your hand's way to his cheek and cupped it. "N-neji? " you asked him. He looked at you and tears started to form in his beautiful eyes. "(yo-your n- name)" he whisperd  and hugged you. Your eyes widened and all the memories came crashing. Flash back "Neji I um I love you." You told Neji shyly. He didn't answer but kissed you instead. Your eyes widened but you kissed back never the less. That was when you confessed to Neji and he returned your feelings. ~~~~~~~~~~~ "Neji!!" You hugged your boyfriend as he was sitting  behind a window and viewing the  beautiful view of the village which was covered with snow. He chucked and pulled you in his lap. "I love you." He said while touching his forehead with yours. You blushed  "I love you too." He was about to kiss you when you pulled back. He made a pouty face and you pinched his cheek. "Neji?" You said his name in questioning manner. "Yes?"  He replied so you know he is  listening. "I love your eyes they remind me of snow." You told him. He chucked and kissed your cheek. "At least the snow will remind you of me." He told you. You laughed and kissed his cheek in return he  blushed. "You are mine and I promise to protect you" Neji told you seriously. "Of course. You are my knight in shinnng armor after all." You told him. He pouted and said "I am not joking" he told you and you giggled. ~~~~~~~~~~ " (y/n)!! "Neji cried as he held your cold body in his arms. Snow was falling just like the day you met. "(y/n)!!  Don't leave me! What will I do without you?!"  He he cried while he hugged your dead body. End of flash back. Tears started to form in your eyes as well. You cried and hugged him back. After some minutes you broke the hug and kissed his forehead. He shivered at the touch. The curse mark wasn't there anymore.  He was finally free. "Don't worry Neji I am here. I won't leave you." You told Neji rubbing his cheek with your thumb. It made his eye close a little and he looked super cute. You chucked and Neji smiled. "I love you (y/n)." Neji told you. "I love you too." You told him. You got him out of hospital since he was totally fine they allowed it. The doctors and nurses were really shocked by Neji's sudden recovery and asked you many question and you answered them by saying "Miracle." To you it was a miracle a miracle of Neji and your's love.The love you shared once frozen was warm again. A/N: I can't believe I cried 4 times while I wrote this. Hope you liked it.