Menzoberranzan: Zeigha the Dragon-belcher - Part 23 - Delia Melody
Zeigha belches like a dragon, and we talk pronouns.

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Delia's Album "Phoenix"

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We are currently working to fund the recording an entirely re-recorded and re-produced version of the album titled "Phoenix: Reborn" with additional content to meet her original vision for the album, as well as her sophomore effort (Which has been in the works for a little over a year), "An OverAbundance of Mirrors."

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("Delia Melody" is a YouTube Channel by Stefani DeXaeris [That's Me.])

(I'm an intersex transgender woman [born with mixed genitals, and mutilated surgically], I was approved by a licensed therapist for Hormone Replacement Therapy in the spring of 2015, and have been receiving Hormone Replacement therapy under the care of an endocrinologist since August of 2015, and Planned Parenthood since November of 2016.)